Imagery Analytics for
Natural Resources Management

Imagery Analytics for Natural Resources Management

Transforming Natural Resources Management with Imagery Analytics

Sustainable development and management of natural resources are the key for the economic, social and cultural viability of any nation. Advancement in remote sensing technologies, innovations in sensors, use of drones, UAVs for remote sensing, the accessibility and use of high-resolution data and imagery coupled with advanced GIS can help today’s managers to generate informative data for sound decision in a quicker way with a greater accuracy.

At Imagery Analytics for Natural Resources Management Summit during Esri India User Conference, get an opportunity to learn from technical experts on how imagery, analytics and GIS capabilities can be leveraged for efficient management and sustainable use of Natural Resources

Why Attend ?

The summit will provide you an opportunity to learn from experts on:

  • How best to use remote sensing for geospatial applications for natural resources management
  • Get a detailed look at new imagery and remotely sensed data processing and analytical techniques.
  • Learn about artificial intelligence, classification techniques, and advanced raster analytics for extracting relevant information from satellite, aerial, and drone imagery.
  • Advance your understanding of stereo, LiDAR and oblique imagery to measure and visualize a multi-dimensional world.
  • Understand the latest best practices for drone data collection and processing.

Who Should Attend?

GIS professionals, Managers, Planners, Conservators and Executives associated with Climate Change, Environment & Conservation of Natural Resources like Forests, Biodiversity, Minerals, Water, Agriculture, Soils etc. from across nation and invited guests sharing a passion for nature and its conservation for a better world.



Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh

Development Lead - ArcGIS API for Python, Esri Inc.

Lalit Kumar Sharma
Dr. Lalit Kumar Sharma

Scientist-C, Zoological Survey of India

Giulia Tessari
Dr. Giulia Tessari

Earth Observation Specialist, Sarmap SA

Vijay Kumar

Vice President and Head Technology, Esri India

Taranjit Singh
Taranjeet Singh Bhamra

CEO, AgNext Technologies

Diganta Goswami

Assistant Executive Engineer, Assam PWD

Dr. Pradip Kr Mukherjee

Senior Geologist, Geological Survey of India

Krishna Rao

GIS Solution Architect, Esri India

Partha Ghosh

Group Head, Esri India