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GeoVision Webinars

Esri India GeoVision webinar series is your go-to-destination to learn about the latest industry trends, product updates, and technology developments impacting the world of GIS.


Past Webinars

  • Geo-webinar

    ENVI & SARScape

    Learn how ENVI SARscape puts powerful capabilities into the hands of analysts to extract meaningful results quickly and easily from SAR data sets

  • arcgis-for-microsoft-office-webinar

    ArcGIS for Microsoft Office

    Learn how ArcGIS for Office's superior mapping capabilities transforms your data into interactive maps within Excel and Power BI environments.

  • Advanced Image Analysis Using ArcGIS Pro

    Learn how Advanced Image Analysis capability enables users to save resources, reduce fieldwork, and solve challenges faster to maximize profit.

  • ArcGIS Knowledge Server

    Learn how ArcGIS Knowledge powers graph analytics to analyse spatial, non-spatial, unstructured, and structured data for faster decision-making.

  • GIS Enablement for Svamitva Project

    The webinar is designed for key stakeholders who are leading and driving the Svamitva Project and will provide insights on how Geospatial Applications can support the wider goals of generating the Property Information System of the Villages.

  • ENVI SARscape and SAR analytics in ArcGIS Pro

    Learn how you can seamlessly integrate ENVI and ArcGIS to enable users to work with microwave data and perform analysis across both the systems.

  • Fast-track your app, map and data model creation with ArcGIS Solutions Templates

    Learn how you can empower stakeholders with spatial information quickly using easily configurable templates tailored for specific industries.

  • Create interactive maps from your spreadsheet data with ArcGIS Maps for Office

    Learn how you can leverage ArcGIS platform to digitally transform your excel sheets using the power of location into interactive and exploratory maps.

  • Streamline and standardize your business processes using ArcGIS Workflow Manager

    Learn the new functionalities, application use cases of ArcGIS Workflow Manager and how you can use it to organize, centralize, and standardize project workflows.

  • Maritime Charting using ArcGIS

    Explore maritime and charting capabilities in ArcGIS and understand how it provides a comprehensive GIS system for Maritime industry needs.

  • Create compelling web experiences using your GIS content

    Experience new and modern functionalities of ArcGIS Experience Builder; understand various workflows for creating responsive web applications in a snap.

  • Processing and analyzing in hyperspectral imagery

    Get a detailed view of the ENVI and ArcGIS Pro capabilities for processing hyperspectral imagery data.

  • Analyze multidimensional data in ArcGIS Pro and ENVI

    Learn how ArcGIS Pro and ENVI can be used to manage, visualize and extract information from scientific multidimensional data.

  • Expand your desktop GIS’s functionalities with ArcGIS Pro Extensions

    Learn how to perform advanced analytics using ArcGIS Pro Extensions.

  • Explore the world of spatial analytics tools in ArcGIS Pro

    Learn how to use ArcGIS Pro analytical tools to solve complex location-oriented problems, find patterns, assess trends and make decisions.

  • Jumpstart your GIS journey with ArcGIS Pro

    Experience new and modern functionalities in ArcGIS Pro to jumpstart your GIS journey.

  • Working with Imagery and Raster data in ArcGIS Pro

    ArcGIS Pro provides complete imagery suite for the management, analysis, and sharing of remotely sensed data including large collections of imageries. This webinar provides an overview of ArcGIS Pro capabilities to visualise, manage and analyse imagery including LiDAR, drone and Multi-Dimensional raster data. Understand how raster functions allows to define processing operations that can be applie

  • Optimize your operations for business success with ArcGIS Network Analyst

    Learn how you can define your data, do analysis and optimize powerful geospatial decision using ArcGIS Network Analyst Extension.

  • Create compelling GIS based dashboards in a snap

    Explore how you can use ArcGIS Dashboard to easily configure a dashboard to keep track of your strategic, operational or tactical KPIs in real-time, anywhere.

  • What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.5

    Explore some of the latest features and new functionalities and see how you can enhance your mapping and analytics capabilities.

  • From data collection to analysis: Using ENVI from remotely sensed data

    Remote sensing is being used more frequently to acquire information about a geographic area of interest prior to putting resources on the ground, reduce the need for field work, minimize environmental impacts, ultimately save costs and achieve results faster.

  • GIS + IoT: Harness the full potential of real-time data

    Learn how to integrate your real-time data streams into existing GIS and IT infrastructure to give you the right spatial context for deeper understanding and better decision-making.

  • Bring together your office and field staff with ArcGIS Apps

    Learn how ArcGIS field apps - Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123 for ArcGIS, Workforce for ArcGIS, Navigator for ArcGIS, Explorer for ArcGIS, Tracker for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Quick Capture work together. Explore how you can use leverage the field app ecosystem in all phases of field work.

  • ArcGIS Hub for Community Engagement

    ArcGIS Hub is a community engagement platform that provides this bridge between your organization and the community it serves. Organizations of any type and any size, including government agencies, nonprofit groups, and academia, can maximize engagement, communication, collaboration, and data sharing using the ArcGIS Hub initiative-based approach.

  • Esri GIS Tools, Templates and Free Resources for COVID-19

    Learn how agencies can configure Esri’s ArcGIS Hub Coronavirus Response template to engage, collaborate and share near real-time data with citizens and decision makers.

  • Spatial Data Science using ArcGIS Notebooks

    Spatial data science allows analysts to extract deeper insight from data using a comprehensive set of analytical methods and spatial algorithms, including machine learning and deep learning techniques. Tools such as Python and Jupyter notebooks are most widely used by data analysts and data scientists to explore and analyze their data and to facilitate their analytics workflows.

  • Esri GIS Tools, Templates and Free Resources for COVID-19

    Learn how agencies can configure Esri’s ArcGIS Hub Coronavirus Response template to engage, collaborate and share near real-time data with citizens and decision makers.

  • Transforming Planning & 3D Urban Design with CityEngine

    Learn how urban planners can leverage the design and analytics capabilities of ArcGIS to streamline the design possibilities.

  • Geo-enable your unstructured data with ArcGIS LocateXT

    Get deeper insights into how you can optimize your rich data stores by geo-enabling unstructured data in ArcGIS.

  • ArcGIS Pro essentials for advanced mapping

    Discover new functionalities of ArcGIS Pro, including new start up experience, deep learning, 3D analysis, handling of unstructured data, advance editing, reporting tools and dimensions as annotation.

  • GIS for Asset Management

    Understand how utilities can leverage GIS in their asset management.

  • Transform Your Business with Location Strategy

    Explore how with a location strategy, you can put the power of place at the center of your business decisions.

  • Increase your operational IQ with GIS

    Understand the steps you can be taking today to develop your operational intelligence.

  • Digital Transition to Digital Transformation: A utilities perspective

    Understand how new platform based GIS enables digital transformation.

  • GIS for Crop Insurance

    Understand how to leverage GIS to analyze, plan and manage the risk exposure in your portfolio.


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