3D Across ArcGIS

December 21, 2023 | 11 am IST onwards

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3D Across ArcGIS


Maps are powerful tools for analysis and problem solving, but two-dimensional images can only show so much about our three-dimensional world. To reveal additional context and improve your decisions, ArcGIS lets you create, visualize, and analyze 3D data. ArcGIS supports 3D across the system, allowing you to access 3D content and tools anywhere and on any device. GIS augmented by 3D technology offers an advanced visualization and interpretation capabilities by incorporating the 3 dimensions to visualize the terrain, infrastructure especially the urban landscapes.

3D Across ArcGIS has various facets, including the desktop softwares, extensions, Web GIS support, dedicated web apps, VR experiences and much more. Together these applications equip you with 3D data creation, processing, analysis, visualizations, interpretations, and representations. This results in better decision making and situational awareness. 

Key Takeaways

  • Why 3D
  • 3D across ArcGIS
  • Reality Engine for captured 3D data processing
  • Utilizing data products to generate 3D
  • Advanced 3D modelling with CGA
  • 3D in web GIS – 3D dashboards, Environment simulations on 3D
  • Urban Planning in 3D
  • Virtual Reality using ArcGIS

Who should attend?

GIS Professionals, Mapping Organizations, Urban Planners, Defense and Homeland Security


Krishnendu M B,
Esri India