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Hyperspectral Datasets

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Working with Hyperspectral Datasets in ENVI

May 16, 2024 | 11 am IST onwards

Working with Hyperspectral Datasets in ENVI

The emerging field of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing or spectroscopy deals with imaging narrow spectral bands over a continuous spectral range, producing the spectra of all pixels in the scene. It combines spectral information as a third dimension of values in a two-dimensional spatial image. ENVI is a powerful tool that extracts information from hyperspectral data, unlocking new opportunities for research and innovation. There are interactive capabilities found exclusively in ENVI including spectral library support and workflows that are needed to process hyperspectral data. 

Since Hyperspectral imaging technology captures information across the electromagnetic spectrum, providing an unprecedented level of detail and insight, its popularity is increasing in various sectors and research applications such as agriculture, ecology, mineral exploration, environmental monitoring, urban planning, medical, and defense, etc.

Hyperspectral data holds the key to exploiting reflectance at close intervals on the electromagnetic spectrum and thus helps users to explore detailed information compared to conventional multispectral data.

Key Takeaways

  • Overview of Hyperspectral Imaging or Spectroscopy
  • Accessing Hyperspectral data
  • Building 3D Hypercube
  • Preprocessing of Hyperspectral data
  • Understanding spectral signatures 
  • Spectral Libraries and its significance
  • Data dimensionality Reduction and Pixel Purity Index 
  • Various applications of Hyperspectral

Who should attend?

Remote Sensing and GIS professionals, Image Analysts, Industry professionals, and Researchers working across several verticals to understand Image analysis and interpretation using Hyperspectral data.


Lavinia Tamang,
Esri India