GIS and Academia Forum

Geographic information system (GIS) software is an expanding and evolving technology that has become an essential tool in government and business. Many educational professionals believe that GIS acts as a catalyst for creative thought and problem-solving skills and facilitates spatial reasoning that supports higher levels of learning among students. There has been a tremendous growth of GIS programs in the educational sector over the past 25 years. Demand by the workforce for GIS education and training and the spread of GIS as a tool across disciplines are two of the factors driving this growth.

While the rapid growth in GIS has presented educators with exciting challenges and opportunities, it has also added logistical, administrative, pedagogical, and curriculum demands, that must be considered when implementing a Geospatial education program.

Attend this session to understand what it takes to develop and implement a successful and sustainable Geospatial program across disciplines as per the requirements by the industry.

Proposed Agenda


Session Topics

09:30 AM – 01:00 PM

Attend Esri India User Conference Plenary Session

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM


02:00 PM – 03:30 PM

Attend track plenary

03:30 PM – 04:00 PM

Tea Break

04:00 PM – 04:15 PM

Opening & Welcome address

04:15 PM – 04:45 PM

GIS – A multidisciplinary perspective in Education & Research – Prof. Arkopal K Goswami, Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management, IIT Kahragapur

04:45 PM – 05:15 PM

Making Industry Academia Collaborations Work – Building Successful Geospatial Programs – Mr. Kunal Dureja, Esri India

05:15 PM – 05:30 PM

User Presentation - Sri Nitai Kundu, Senior Scientist, Digital Data Interpretation Center, Institute of Environmental Studies & Wetland Management

05:30 PM – 05:45 PM

Wrap up & Closure