User Conference

About the Conference

Esri User Conference, Nepal (UC) is where GIS professionals from across Nepal gather to share inspiring, real world examples of how organizations are applying 'The Science of Where' to solve critical problems and challenges the country is facing. It is an opportunity for you to learn, connect, and get trained on the geospatial solutions that move your organization forward. Discover what’s new with in-depth tech sessions on ArcGIS 10.5.x, ArcGIS Pro, Apps, AppBuilders and much more. UC is your platform to map better, smarter, and faster.


GIS professionals from across Nepal and invited guests sharing a passion for geography, spatial understanding, and the desire to make their organizations and communities better.

Where & When

The Conference will be held at Radisson Hotel Kathmandu, Nepal on April 19th, 2107, 09:30 am onwards.


Esri User Conference, Nepal give GIS professionals and managers the chance to unlock the power of "where" and learn how to make the most of ArcGIS and partner solutions.

Theme - GIS: Enabling Transformation

Our world is undergoing a massive digital transformation. Citizens, societies, government and businesses are increasingly adopting smarter ways to leverage this digital transformation. The technology industry has been leading the vision of creating a (smarter) digital world with technologies & systems that help us become more efficient & effective.

Because of the essential nature of location, and the spatial dimension, GIS remains at the ‘heart’ of such smart initiatives, leading the transformation journey. GIS itself is getting smarter integrating everything, connecting people, processes, things and all the data about them. It is evolving to integrate technologies such as IoT and big data analytics and concepts into a powerful platform. GIS will not only help us transform but also provide a framework for efficiencies & better decision making.

Recognizing this, the theme of the conference is ‘GIS: Enabling Transformation’

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