Fast track the

Quality Control of
your GIS data

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 | 11 AM IST

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Fast track the Quality Control of your GIS data

Today Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is at the heart of many mission critical applications. The output we derive out of a GIS system is as accurate as the data used. Poor data quality affects decision-making and business operations, and can be difficult to rectify. While data accuracy is extremely important; it does not get the attention it deserves.

Ensuring data accuracy is critical to avoiding costly mistakes. Hence, GIS data must meet agreed-upon standards for quality, ensuring which is tedious and resource intensive.

Esri ArcGIS Data Reviewer provides a complete system for automating and simplifying data quality control, which can quickly improve the integrity of your data. Attend free webinar by Esri India to understand how ArcGIS Data Reviewer can help streamline your quality control (QC) efforts.

Attend this webinar to find out how to:

  • Reduce cost, time and manpower required to implement quality control within your organization
  • Ensure the good health of data you use for mission-critical applications even when operating under constrained budgets and limited resources
  • Automate and facilitate the tedious and resource-intensive chore of data QC
  • Safeguard your organization from unacceptable risks and unplanned costs arising from publishing erroneous data


Dr. Devanand Dangwal, Group Manager-Pre-Sales, Esri India

Who should attend?

Mapping and survey organizations, GIS professionals and organizations involved in map / GIS data production; organizations from aviation and charting.

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