Geospatial Data Science & AI Summit

Gurugram | August 28-29, 2019



Infusing GIS with Artificial Intelligence

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has progressed rapidly in recent years, matching or, in some cases, even surpassing human accuracy at tasks such as image recognition, reading comprehension, and translating text. The intersection of AI and GIS is creating massive opportunities that weren’t possible before. AI, machine learning, and deep learning are helping us make the world better by helping, for example, to increase crop yield through precision agriculture, fight crime by deploying predictive policing models, and predict when the next big storm will hit and being better equipped to handle it.

At Esri India Geospatial Data Science & AI Summit, during Esri India User Conference discover how you can combine spatial analysis and data science together through ArcGIS Notebooks and apply AI effectively with GIS to discover newer insights for decision making.

Why Attend?

The summit will provide you an opportunity to learn from experts on:

  • Spatial data science capabilities of the ArcGIS platform
  • Using ArcGIS Notebooks for reproducible and repeatable spatial data science workflows
  • Spatial analysis, raster analysis and big data analysis using Python
  • Geospatial machine learning and deep learning capabilities
  • Training and deploying deep learning models for Image Classification, Object Detection, Feature Extraction and Feature Categorization
  • Technology updates, tips, and tricks from Esri experts for successfully deploying and implementing AI solutions
  • Examples of real-world Geo-AI projects

Who Should Attend?

  • Data Scientists
  • GIS Analysts
  • Research Scientists
  • Big Data / AI / ML Experts
  • Technology / Solution Architects
  • Technologists
  • IT Solution providers
  • Education and Research Organizations
  • Government bodies (Centre, State and Local)


Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh

Director, Esri R&D Center – New Delhi

Krishna Rao

GIS Solution Architect, Esri India

Divyansh Jha

Data Scientist, Esri R&D Center - New Delhi

Sandeep Kumar

Esri R & D Center - New Delhi