Esri India
Partner Conference 2019

Collaborate. Win. Grow.

April 14-16, 2019 | Goa

Discover New and Imaginative
Growth Opportunities

GIS is gaining importance across industries. Convergence of GIS with emerging technologies like of AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and 3D is opening up new uses and opportunities for you to address customer challenges with new innovative solutions. This means more business and growth potential for all. The big question is how do we all align, collaborate, address this growing market opportunity and win together.

Amplifying the
Science of Where

Esri India Partner Network is a rich ecosystem of organizations that work together to amplify The Science of Where. Partners deliver solutions, content and services using the Esri Platform.

Whether organizing data on the challenges of eradicating communicable diseases or helping utilities and police departments implement enterprise-wide GIS solutions, Esri partners are engaging communities, increasing efficiencies, and giving more people access to geospatial information.

Delivering What’s Next
for Your Business

For us, partner relationships are critical to fulfilling our collective commitment to customer success, innovation and business growth. Our partners are expanding their business by reaching millions of customers in the GIS, mapping and location intelligence markets capitalizing on growing technology trends.

It’s our constant endeavor to empower partners with market insights and right technology knowledge. As we get ready for FY 19-20, its time to come together and lay the foundation for collaboration to win and grow!

Be there at the 1st Esri India Partner Conference, an exclusive gathering of Business Leaders representing Esri India's strong and growing Partner Ecosystem.