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Esri India User Conference 2011

GIS: Understanding Our World

GIS reveals the complex workings of our world, and everything you need to know is to harness its power. The geographic approach refers to using geographic science as a framework for understanding our world and applying this knowledge to solve problems and guide human behavior. Everyone who uses GIS is taking the geographic approach. The goal in defining and discussing the geographic approach is to explain why geography matters—how applying geographic science to address our common problem can lead to different outcomes. GIS extends the power of geography by providing digital tools that abstract and organize geospatial data, model geographic processes, and visualize this data and these models with advanced computer techniques.

Esri India User Conference is one event that fuses emerging technologies with the boundless creativity and imagination of geographic information system (GIS) enthusiasts to derive meaningful solutions to complex, real-world problems. Esri technology provides the tools and capabilities for you to positively shape a more resilient and sustainable future. Through the geographic approach, Esri believes that its powerful technology can be combined with your limitless creativity to form a framework for making rational decisions that address earth’s most pressing challenges.