Field Operations

During field operations, planning, coordination, and collaboration are critical to ensuring safe, successful outcomes. ArcGIS apps can help police modernize mobile operations at every stage, from planning to execution to after-action review. Whether your agency needs to support a small tactical team or an agency-wide rollout, the technology scales to fit your needs—all in a single, easy-to-use command and control system.

Field operations capabilities

Use visual data for informed decision-making

Operations no longer need to be planned using spreadsheets and hand-drawn maps. Combine Esri India apps with your authoritative agency data to create digital plans that visually represent the mission to help your teams understand locations and where resources need to be deployed.

Communicate information in real time

Once they are configured, share your agency's digital maps via mobile apps that put the most current incident and agency data at your team's fingertips. Promote situational awareness and officer safety with location-based alerts. Personnel can view their assignments, collect and edit data, find key locations, and share their status in real time.

Stay connected

Monitor ongoing operations, track personnel, and see up-to-date field reports and activities in real-time data feeds. As the situation changes, managers can make changes on the fly and all personnel will immediately see the updated plan.

Store data for future planning

Field data can be collected and fed into your agency's system of record so that your activities and captured data can be made available for later review. Visualize personnel and incident locations and operation metrics in maps, dashboards, or tables. Share information with internal or external stakeholders and use it for after-action review and to plan for future operations.


County sheriff deploys app to track fugitives

A map-based app helps the San Juan County Sheriff's Office clear a backlog of active arrest warrants.

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