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Crime Analysis

Crime analysts use mapping and analytical methods such as hot spot analysis to identify crime trends and patterns and help police agencies identify problems, allocate resources, and solve crimes. ArcGIS is the industry standard for crime analysis technology and is critical to implementing evidence-based, data-driven crime reduction strategies.

Crime analysis capabilities

Keep data up-to-date and ready for analysis

Import data from disparate record systems and prepare it for analysis. Esri India provides robust tools to help analysts import and manage data and automate the process. Save time and ensure that your agency always has the most up-to-date crime and incident maps prepped and ready for analysis.

Identify short- and long-term crime patterns

Support data-driven crime reduction with tools for both tactical and strategic analysis. Find short-term crime patterns and support the identification and evaluation of long-term crime problems and trends.

Support investigations through ArcGIS

Use data to explore the relationships between people, events, and locations. ArcGIS can help investigators uncover criminal networks and understand suspect activity patterns with a variety of tools to analyze cell phone records, financial transactions, and other investigative data sources.

Communicate information effectively

Share analytical products with command staff, officers in the field, and other stakeholders. ArcGIS supports multiple options for sharing including hard-copy maps, charts, and reports as well as the ability to create interactive maps, bulletins, dashboards, or mobile mapping applications that fit end-user needs.


How to perform problem location analysis

In part 4 of our Crime Analysis with ArcGIS Pro blog series, we examine how to use the 80-20 Analysis and Summarize Incident Count tools.

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