2.0 Participant’s Experience

Michael F. Goodchild, Emirutus Professor of Geography, University of California

Michael F. Goodchild, Emeritus Professor of Geography, University of California

The mApp Your Way App Development Challenge is a very exciting program to tap the imagination and skills of the next generation of leaders in the geospatial industry. If I were young again it is exactly the kind of thing that would have stimulated my interest and helped to open a world of opportunities.

— Michael F. Goodchild, Emeritus Professor of Geography, University of California
Part of judgement panel of the mApp Your Way 2.0

Dr.Anjana Vyas, Professor, Faculty of Technology at CEPT University

Dr.Anjana Vyas, Professor, Faculty of Technology at CEPT University

Esri India’s ‘mApp your way challenge’ is an excellent experience for students to learn and explore opportunities in the geo-spatial technology development space. Students across various disciplines like civil engineering, Engineering in Electronics and Communications, Information Technology exhibited excitement towards this challenge, formed teams and made solutions to solve real life problems using GIS technology. The experts from Esri India extended exceptional support to the students throughout the challenge and exposure to Esri’s SDK’s (Software Development Kits). This process enhanced the knowledge and the level of confidence of the students in geospatial applications and development.

— Dr.Anjana Vyas, Professor, Faculty of Technology at CEPT University

Team CEPT University

Team CEPT University

This has been an incredible learning experience for us. We started by developing this application as a school project but after winning this contest we are really encouraged to take this to a wider audience. We saw students from various disciplines like arts, environmental sciences, computer technologies come together and leverage Esri India’s various free and easy-to-use ArcGIS tools to create some very innovative solutions, and the experience was truly very enriching.

— Team CEPT University – 2.0 winner team



mApp your Way is a brilliant initiative by Esri India which allows College Students to showcase their ideas, innovate, work hard and should be continued in the future. Esri India UC was an enlightening experience and a brilliant opportunity to connect with GIS Professionals from the industry. The exposure to the latest developments in the Domain along with their demonstration clearly showed how quickly GIS is being adapted in various sectors where it was earlier non-existent. For an Undergraduate student like me and my teammate getting such an exposure was a boost as it showed to us the wide array of opportunities that lie ahead of us once we complete our education. We were delighted to get such a huge platform to showcase our idea and getting suggestions /positive feedback from various professionals.

— Team UPES – 2.0 1st runner up

HarAmrit Singh Sandhu, Professor, PEC University of Technology

Har Amrit Singh Sandhu, Professor, PEC University of Technology

This competition benefited students a lot as they got experience in programming as well as GIS field, which shall be helpful in their interview or otherwise. Although, students keep on participating in various competitions, but the support, initiative and motivation provided by Esri India team is really awesome, great and inspiring.

— Har Amrit Singh Sandhu, Asst. Professor, PEC University of Technology – 2.0 2nd runner up team

1.0 Participant’s Experience

Dr. Surya S Durbha, Professor- IIT Bombay

mApp Your Way is an exciting contest that stimulates the students to put together highly creative and novel ideas for developing location based applications on the mobile for every day decision making

— Dr. Surya S Durbha, Professor- IIT Bombay

—IIT Bombay – The winner team

We had a great learning experience participating in mApp Your Way competition and presenting our application at the 16th Esri India User Conference. As developers, we got an opportunity to work with various Esri's API's for implementing our application. Working on an application addressing a social issue, that could help citizens, was intriguing and fun. Attending the user conference was altogether a fascinating experience, where we learnt more about Esri's technologies, its progress in the field of GIS and its impact in real world situations.

—IIT Bombay – The winner team


G.Sriram, Student-Anna University, 1st runner up

If you love making apps and you have an idea to make one involving Geo-location components, Esri India’s mApp Your Way is the best platform for you. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The reviews by experts from Esri India is a really good opportunity to understand your mistakes and get the needed directions in app development. It also is a great way to unravel the immense potential of the Esri SDKs in different platforms with the complimentary credits given by Esri for development. Overall one of the greatest learning experiences.

—G.Sriram, Student-Anna University, 1st runner up


UPES Dehradun team- 2nd runner up

The experience throughout the challenge was awesome. Though we faced few problems in building the app but the Esri India mentors helped us out. I would like to say such competitions give students a platform to correlate their academics with professional world and also provide students in-depth knowledge of subjects as they gain insights of it . Such programs should be organized on regular intervals so that quality of understanding and learning can be improved and our nation can prosper. Esri India User Conference where we presented our app was a big platform for us to showcase our capabilities.

—UPES Dehradun team- 2nd runner up