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Resilient nations “Prepare Strategically, Respond Rapidly and Recover Methodically” during the crisis times and return to normal as effortlessly as possible. Leaders embed resilience in their design for rapid response and recovery to stay ahead to ensure growth.

Varanasi Smart City moving towards Real-Time Operations Management

Beyond improving the urban environment, GIS has now equipped Varanasi with options to minimise air pollution, improve water management, create safer public areas, and respond intelligently to emergencies. The technology is steadily ensuring that city’s culture maintains its rich heritage while assuring Varanasi’s denizens the benefits of a new Indian urbanism.

Achieving Resilience SMARTly

GIS has been indispensable in completing the multiple government schemes that are currently active in Vishakapatnam. Esri’s GIS solutions help GVSCCL track the progress of 52 Smart City projects progressing across Vishakapatnam. Undeterred by the large spatial spread, city-level GIS maps simplify our tasks by delivering thematic maps for situation analysis.

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