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Public Grounds and Facilities

A bench underneath a tree in a sunny park during autumn, and a green map with purple, orange, and blue highlighted areas

Using GIS for the planning and maintenance of public buildings, parks, and open spaces helps ensure resilient and healthy communities. GIS-based parks management software supports human-centered design, the planning of equitable recreation amenities, capital project prioritization, and a sustainable environment. Taking GIS indoors enhances space planning, facility management, and more, for local governments. 

Modernize parks and recreation management

As open space and recreation take a more important role in the lives of residents, you need to better understand gaps in accessibility and equity. Use GIS to monitor facility usage, real-time data feeds, and demographic changes and inform community program planning. Prioritize capital and operation budgets and set maintenance schedules. 

A desktop computer showing a dashboard with graphs, a map, the numbers 55 and 11, and a photo of a camp building

Provide smart facility management

GIS no longer stops at the front door. Mapping your facilities—including assets, space, and amenities—provides a view into operations. Indoor GIS improves work order management, space planning, security, and emergency planning. Smart devices and appliances can be monitored in real time. Navigation provides wayfinding for visitors and employees.

A desktop computer showing a word order management dashboard with a map and the number of work orders open for mechanical, information tech, plumbing, electrical, and sanitation

Gain insights into your property portfolio

Managing your property and building portfolio through GIS results in improved efficiency and cost savings. Location intelligence offers a lens to see and balance workloads and provides optimized prioritization of maintenance. Operations gain a boost when staff allocate resources to the right locations in real time to control costs.

A desktop computer showing a map of a hospital with separated floors and red lines pointing to where the assets are in each building

Engage the public with information

A critical aspect of parks management is using GIS data hubs to connect residents to the events, opportunities, and community centers that are most accessible and relevant to their needs. Educate the public on new projects and open-space plans as well as how fees are calculated in the context of where residents work and live to make for a more informed citizenry.

A desktop computer showing a website where users can select parks, trails, and things to do, and a map view with information about the parks in the selected area


Escondido runs a smarter city with ArcGIS Hub

To maintain a 3,000-acre conservation area, the city used ArcGIS Hub to engage, recruit, and collaborate with volunteers for trail maintenance.

Products and ArcGIS Solutions

Explore ArcGIS Solutions and product offerings that enhance public grounds and facilities.

  • A park with picnic tables, trash bins, green grass, and many green trees

    Park Infrastructure Management

    Inventory park assets, understand asset condition, and communicate changing asset conditions that impact park services.
  • A laptop computer showing a turquoise and gold line illustrating the field operations route, and a smart phone showing a blue line route with a location dot on a map

    Apps for field operations

    Improve coordination and operational efficiency in the field. Reduce errors and reliance on paper, boost productivity, and save money.
  • A laptop computer, tablet, and mobile smart phone showing indoor mapping on each interface

    ArcGIS Indoors

    Leverage the complete indoor mapping system for facilities management to support maintenance, field services, routing, and employees.
  • A laptop computer tablet showing ArcGIS Drone2Map open with a drone image of a worksite building

    ArcGIS Drone2Map

    Streamline the creation of professional imagery products from drone-captured imagery to generate products quickly for visualization and analysis.
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