Real Insight for Every Industry

Having the right analytics allows you to meet challenges of every stripe. No matter your field of endeavor, when you apply location information throughout the enterprise, you provide a complete data picture and analytics toolbox. That means making more informed decisions and seeing better results—using maps and high-powered geoanalysis.

Location Analytics Improves Business


Reveal hidden profits by mapping demand, store performance, and product ranges. See how Petco, Carrefour Group, and Planet Fitness are improving customer satisfaction using location analytics.


Access local hazard information at a global scale. Correlate loss severity with geography and access historical data including customer information and risk. Provide accurate quotes and uncover new markets.

Banking and Financial

Make sense of big data and convert it into pockets of insight that can provide understanding ranging from fraud detection and branch optimization to customer loyalty and product segmentation.


Improve asset repair and replacement. Easily update network information, integrate work orders, and prepare reports. Augment business information with weather, topography, rights of way, satellite imagery, and field data.


Model and forecast travel demand. Track maintenance needs and develop precise plans for new construction projects. Analyze annual capital improvement plans to identify noise regulation violations around airports.


Provide constituents easy-to-access web services using maps. Supply transparency and accountability with location-based statistical reports. Empower fire, law enforcement, and emergency managers with preplans and response information.

Health care

Map and evaluate provider, employer, and consumer locations. Analyze community data to provide greater access to human services. Spot chronic illness or pandemic patterns with health maps.

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