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GIS for Manufacturing

GIS for Manufacturing

Illustration of a manufacturing plant

Grow business stronger and faster with GIS

Global disruptions are changing the landscape of commerce. Manufacturers require new insight and agility to deliver five-star experiences. Meeting customers at the right place and time along their journey can be simple with data-driven insight, automation, and advanced planning and coordination across the value chain. Spatial business intelligence technology for manufacturing helps staff execute operations with greater reliability, deliver on the service promise, and engage customers and influencers. GIS provides actionable insight and real-time global visualization that can raise customer loyalty, provide end-to-end transparency, and set measured action.


Forward-looking business intelligence

Revenue-generating opportunities continue to grow in manufacturing. With a focus on customers' needs, companies can leverage location intelligence to enhance strategic plans, drive growth, optimize service capacity, and increase market share. Your supply chain can be your competitive advantage.

Manufacturing industry overview two-thirds

Accelerate business growth

Plan for growth with precise local market insights. Location intelligence enables you and your dealer network to drive market dominance and create more engaging customer relationships.

Be the leader in customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty and improve retention of your service team with data-driven territory planning, geographic alignment, and contract execution.

Gain real-time awareness

Manage service levels and reliability by visualizing assets and anticipating disruptions. Location-based business intelligence provides unique visibility into your global supply network.

Drive reliability and high performance

Build a nimble, responsive supply chain using location-based business intelligence. GIS provides risk awareness to support capital planning and manufacturing operations across a global network.

Location Intelligence for Manufacturing Enterprises

Successful organizations use location intelligence to capture market share more quickly, reduce operational cost, mitigate risks, and minimize disruptions in the supply network.

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