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Esri Maps for SAP

Add More Value to Your Business Data.

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Empower People with Location

Start getting powerful, location-based answers to your tough business questions and discover how easy it is to instantly add value to your existing business data. Easily integrate smart maps to your BI applications for more accurate and actionable decision-making. Enabling everyone in your organization with the results of location analytics will improve overall business success.

"We can now very easily pull data together, perform the analysis we need, prepare a visual story map, and share that with decision makers in minutes. This lets us focus on the process of making the business successful rather than compiling and managing data."

Mike Ferretti, Great Harvest

Make Location Your Competitive Edge

Esri Maps for SAP BusinessObjects will help you separate your business from your competitors through the use of intuitive, interactive maps and location-based tools that fit perfectly into the work you do every day. Use Esri Maps to analyze Big Data and extract new insights from business and social data. Access and share your maps anytime, from anywhere.

See New Data Patterns

Take large volumes of data and instantly make sense of it. Use dynamic point clustering or hot spot maps to easily see where different aspects of your data are concentrated and where it’s not.

Change Your View

You can bring more meaning your maps by adding data rich layers for demographics, lifestyles, consumer spending, and market potential, crime statistics, and much more. Add these statistics back into spreadsheets for further processing.

Make Better Decisions

Smart maps let you do more than visualize your data with simple maps. You can ask new questions and get better answers when you apply a full range of analytics to your decision-making arsenal.

Analyze and Transform

Maps provide a new analytical tool for map-driven analysis that can range performing spatial queries, such as drive-time analysis, determining spatial anomalies in your data with hotspot mapping, and using spatial modeling for predicting performance.

Get Started Fast

Esri Maps for SAP BusinessObjects is easily installed as a native add-on to SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards—no need for custom coding. Your maps reveal a geospatial view without leaving the BusinessObjects environment.

Enable the Enterprise

Esri Maps for SAP BusinessObjects is fully integrated with Esri’s Location Platform, which enables you to create, organize, and share geographic information and tools with anyone by using intelligent online maps and useful apps.

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