Roads and Highways

Transportation organizations need cost-effective tools to manage assets, human resources and office and field operations. Use GIS to plan, monitor and manage infrastructure more effectively. Determine capacity enhancements, improve operations and identify the most strategic investments.


e-Pathai GIS in Tamil Nadu Highways

Tamil Nadu Highways uses ArcGIS for decision making in planning, programming, funding and allocation of resources allowing to make the best use of public funds in preserving the road networks at an acceptable level of serviceability.

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Specialized apps

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Road Asset Management System

Satra Infrastructure & Esri India collaborate to develop a GIS-based road asset management system HIMS Road Asset Management System stores, manages and analyses asset data (spatial and non-spatial) on Roads & Highways, structures, railways, power distribution lines, and any other linearly referenced features.

Road Asset Management System


Data-Driven Decisions with Location Intelligence

Leading transportation planning agencies and professionals are linking disparate processes and information systems using GIS technology to make more data-driven decisions that lead to greater safety and mobility and longer life cycles for infrastructure.

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