GIS enables health agencies to increase efficiency. Leverage GIS tools and methodologies to measure compliance with specific legislation. Determine the prudent use of staff in implementing health inspections and field surveys. Get new insights driven by spatial analysis.


Improving Health and Wellness

What can you do to help make your community healthier? Here are some resources--example apps, web maps, case studies, videos, lessons, and other resources—to help you get started.


Specialized apps


    Spatial mapping of trends and determinants for having low birthweight babies

    Using GIS based approaches for studying causality and major public health issues related to Low Birth Weight Health Problem in rural India.


    Mapping noise pollution using a simple smartphone

    Studying and mapping the noise pollution in a part of Ludhiana city of Punjab, India using a simple android smartphone and Noise Tube Mobile app.


    Assessment of Air Pollution in India

    The story maps explores how India’s air pollution has become a public health and economic crisis.

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