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GIS for vector-borne disease surveillance and control

When vector-borne disease outbreaks occur, fast, effective response protects people from infection and its consequences. GIS can help organizations achieve faster, more efficient response by providing a platform that can capture multiple, complementary areas of expertise among epidemiologists, entomologists, health officials and staff, geographers, and others.


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    Role of GIS in management of Vector Borne Diseases

    Situational analysis with real-time data in a spatial context is critical to understanding Vector diseases, causative factors and their interrelationships for effective planning, response, decisions and actions for vector control programs.


    Effective Vector-Borne Control and Surveillance: Responding to the Zika Virus

    Understanding how GIS addresses the prevention, surveillance, and reporting of Vector-Borne Disease.


    Building Healthy Communities with GIS-Based Mobile Data Collection

    Learn how GIS-based data collection magnifies understanding of health issues and enables intelligence for analysis and sharper decision making.


    Public Health Preparedness: A Geographic Approach

    Find out how GIS can help you be better prepared and stay a step ahead of any disaster.

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