Urban and Regional Planning

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Smart community planning prioritizes the human element in designing our communities—Esri India provides the technology to make it happen. Planners are advancing beyond traditional processes and workflows to develop policy and to design the smart community that reflects residents' needs. The world has become aware of challenges that can no longer be ignored, from pandemics to high unemployment to social and economic inequity, and planners are expected to be a key part of the solution. Location is at the center of all community and urban planning practices. Esri India is the leader in geographic information system (GIS) software and pioneers smart city technology that helps planning professionals determine how, where, and when their designs can have the greatest impact to improve the quality of life.

Justify policy decisions through location

Planners and administrators must integrate GIS into their housing strategies to provide for all residents. Esri India's Homelessness and Housing solution ensures that governments can identify the most suitable areas for affordable housing, mitigating homelessness, and growth capacity. With the Policy Validation Application and ArcGIS Urban, administrators can analyze, visualize, and evaluate the demographic needs of the community, and planners can design and measure the impact of multiple housing scenarios.

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