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GIS for Insurance | Maps and analytics to determine risks and handle claims

Insurers know that to be successful they must offer the products and services customers need at the right price. Insurance has a strong geographic component, from managing the addresses of policyholders to the location of risk to the logistics of handling claims. This is where GIS can benefit you the most.

Esri’s GIS software allows you to address these challenges with geographic analysis in

  • Underwriting
  • Reinsurance
  • Corporate governance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Claims handling
  • Customer service

Location intelligence, such as knowing where assets are located and their proximity to hazards, is vital when developing risk profiles. GIS provides tools that allow users to combine location based data, such as vegetation density, road access, and traffic flow patterns, to make more informed decisions. Whether you are identifying a driver’s route to work or locating a building, GIS offers a more complete and accurate picture of risk. This information helps insurers meet the needs of their customers.

Success stories

These stories show how business organizations are gaining benefits using GIS technology and spatial analysis.