Improve the time to close

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Optimizing claims for faster, better service

When disasters strike and losses occur, insurance companies know there is nothing more important to customers than recovering from damages. To provide clients with compassionate care, spatially enabled insurers use location intelligence to optimize resources, issue faster payments, and decrease operating costs.


Capabilities for claims

Anticipate catastrophic events

Monitor emergencies as they occur and anticipate the impact to policyholders. Using Esri's catastrophe management solutions, claims teams gain situational awareness around these catastrophic (CAT) events and can keep decision-makers informed with up-to-date reports.

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Improve results through greater visibility

Get greater visibility of key market performance metrics with Esri's location-based software. Empower claims teams with dynamic applications that track claims statuses and help evaluate the effectiveness of department strategies in near real time.

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Save time and cost

Effectively coordinate dispersed teams of field adjusters with Esri's tools for network routing. Create optimized routes for damage assessments after an event.

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Minimize risks and maximize new opportunities

Ensure valuable services to customers with advanced spatial tools for risk scoring and territory management. Manage more localized moratoriums during a crisis.

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Assess damages quickly

Enable insurers to rapidly respond to claims with spatially driven machine learning and high-resolution imagery. Location intelligence helps streamline decision-making by automating damage assessments from imagery collected by aircraft or drones to highlight total losses and prioritize physical inspections. 

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Executives add prediction to planning

The cost of natural disasters nearly doubled in 2020. Those that had incorporated predictive analysis of climate risk were better prepared.

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