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Improving speed and accuracy

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Democratize spatial data throughout the enterprise

Underwriters need authoritative data to assess potential new policies. Using Esri's software for underwriting and portfolio management, teams can make timely and precise decisions with helpful insights that were once in siloed environments.


Capabilities for underwriting

Find hidden risks and exposures

Evaluate and contextualize key material for new policies without having to search through massive amounts of hidden data. Esri's hazard inspector application brings disparate risk data into a common operational view, enabling underwriters to extract meaningful insights that guide policy decisions.

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Quickly generate risk insights

Strike the balance between speed and accuracy when creating policy decisions by using Esri's cloud data environment. Rapidly access relevant data and securely categorize authoritative third-party data into real-time risk models.

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Virtually inspect potential new polices

Advancements in imagery and remote sensing have enabled insurers to virtually inspect properties from the safety and convenience of the office. With Esri's imagery applications, underwriters can access industry-leading high-resolution imagery to verify material information and analyze defensible spaces.

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Enable point-based risk scoring

Accuracy matters when analyzing the relative exposure of a new policy. ArcGIS World Geocoder is an industry-leading application for geocoding, providing precise point-based locations for addresses. It allows underwriters to edit in an interactive and collaborative virtual environment.

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Executives add prediction to planning

The cost of natural disasters nearly doubled in 2020. Those that had incorporated predictive analysis of climate risk were better prepared.

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