Market Research and Site Analysis

Gain market-level insights that inform buyers and win deals

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Data-driven market research and site analysis

Clients want to have confidence that they are making the right decisions about their real estate investments. ArcGIS provides precise, local data and market trends about locations and neighborhoods. Interactive maps and easy-to-understand infographics inform clients and investors about your properties. Close deals with advanced market analysis that wins business.

Market research and site analysis capabilities

Conduct market research that drives action

Find your client's next best location, provide insights about how to optimize a portfolio of sites, and make faster decisions about properties and facilities. In real estate, speed is essential.

Use real estate market research and site analysis from ArcGIS to provide insights that set your brokers apart from the competition. 

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Create professional branded assets, fast

Bring data, maps, and high-quality graphics together in ArcGIS to quickly generate beautiful, professional marketing materials that will inform your audience and set your brand apart. From informing stakeholders to managing assets and winning pitches, ArcGIS empowers brokers with the insights and analysis that will differentiate your brand.

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Get precise market data, real local insights

ArcGIS offerings for real estate provide access to over 15,000 variables about locations and markets. Data includes demographics, business locations, consumer behavior, and market potential. From a broad market level down to hyperlocal block groups, ready-to-use datasets provide critical insights for business.

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Colliers Utah GIS explores future housing data

The Colliers Utah GIS Team found that using future housing data is a key economic indicator for the growing commercial real estate markets in Utah.

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