Building 3D Cities Using Esri CityEngine


3 Days (24 Hours)

About this Course

Esri CityEngine uses a rule-based approach to help you efficiently produce highly realistic 3D models. This course introduces the CityEngine procedural modeling workflow and best practices to create compelling 3D cities that can be used to visualize urban landscapes, explore impacts of proposed development, generate virtual city simulations, and support geodesign projects.

This course is for: GIS analysts, specialists, and others who manage or conduct GIS analysis projects.

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  • Import 2D and 3D data from a variety of sources
  • Create 3D urban scenes by applying procedural rules
  • Modify and update 3D city features
  • Create and inspect feature rules and modify rule parameters to quickly review design changes
  • Share 3D models online

Suggested Skills

Completion of ArcGIS I: Introduction to GIS and ArcGIS 2: Essential Workflows, or ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows, or equivalent knowledge is required


Esri India will provide the following software to use during class:

  • ArcGIS Pro
  • CityEngine
  • ArcGIS Online