ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows


Next class starts June 5

3 Days (24 Hours)

About this Course

Prepare to be productive with ArcGIS Pro.

Extend your foundational GIS knowledge, get comfortable with the ArcGIS Pro application, and explore some of the most common GIS workflows. This course introduces techniques and general best practices to map, manage, analyze, and share data and other GIS resources. Hands-on exercises will give you the experience needed to efficiently work with ArcGIS Pro.

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  • Organize, create, and edit geographic data.
  • Manage, symbolize, and label map layers.
  • Analyze and model GIS data to solve spatial problems.
  • Share maps and analysis results.

Suggested Skills

Completion of Introduction to GIS Using ArcGIS or equivalent knowledge.


Esri India will provide the following software to use during class:

  • ArcGIS Pro 3.1 (Basic, Standard or Advanced)
  • ArcGIS Online