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Enable better national decision-making through collaboration

Sharing, collaboration, and use of authoritative information support better decision-making across your national mapping organization and by your nation and key stakeholders. Sharing these national information resources for downstream apps and services creates value for you and your customers. Availability of national mapping data provides opportunities and reduces duplicated data. Collaboration around strategic government initiatives builds communities based on your authoritative information.

Sharing and collaboration

Engage your community and key stakeholders

Your authoritative data can provide a hub for collaboration with your key stakeholders. Easily and quickly stand up a hub site with your nation's data, engaging your community around important initiatives to address issues and solve problems. ArcGIS Hub and the Esri Geospatial Cloud comprise an easy-to-configure community engagement platform that organizes people, data, and tools through information-driven initiatives. 

Trusted, authoritative information

Citizens, communities, industries, and governments all make vital decisions using authoritative geospatial information. They rely on this information to make choices every day that can positively or negatively impact our society, our economies, and our world. Positioning your trusted data to support evidence-based decision-making can improve your organization and your nation.

Quicker access for your customers

Customers need access to trusted, authoritative data to improve outcomes, sustain economic development, and create safe and vibrant communities. Sharing your maps, data, services, and apps is expedited by using enterprise GIS, providing the same content that is used to collect, manage, and produce all your information products. ArcGIS enables you to share information consistently across your organization and with your customers. 

Create products on demand when needed

Enabling users to create products from current data whenever they need them empowers users and frees up your staff to be more productive. Using your product design rules and your current information, a standard data or map information product can be produced on demand by your customers.


Ireland GeoHive Portal

The GeoHive Portal opens up economic opportunities for Ireland.

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Collaboration and sharing products and solutions

National mapping strategies


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