Authoritative geospatial information is key to a country's security, socioeconomic development, and environmental sustainability. National mapping organizations maintain information using geographic information system (GIS) technology to effectively collect, manage, produce, and share base data for the nation. Increasingly diverse types of data must be collected and securely managed with flexible and intuitive modern national mapping solutions. User expectations on timely, accurate, and cost-effective data updates, and the variety of derived information products, continue to expand. National mapping products must be easily available and ready for users to collaborate and make informed decisions for the future.

National mapping modernization

National mapping organizations must continue to modernize their geospatial strategies and workflows while remaining effective and cost-efficient. Esri's ArcGIS enables national mapping and geospatial data organizations to:

  • Accurately collect and integrate source data and services.
  • Effectively centralize and manage information to be secure and accessible across the organization.
  • Efficiently produce multiresolution data and information products using automation.
  • Seamlessly share and collaborate and enable your users to make better-informed decisions for your nation.
Image of a user utilizing ArcGIS mapping software

National mapping strategies

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