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Land Records

GIS—Essential infrastructure for effective land administration and land records

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A modern, configurable, secure, scalable solution

Land is an essential resource that supports nearly every aspect of our social and economic well-being. As a finite resource, it is necessary to govern and manage land effectively for social stability, sustainable economic development, and equitable taxation. GIS technology helps in managing all aspects of land information and land records including land tenure, value, management, and use. With all land information in a GIS-based comprehensive land administration system, governments are able to improve land information management, property valuation and analysis, and communication with the public. 

Deliver necessary systems on a single platform

The three necessary systems in land administration are the system of record (land parcels), the system of insight (valuation), and the system of engagement (stakeholder and public engagement). GIS efficiently delivers all three on a single platform. Having these systems on a single platform allows governments to accurately represent and understand property value as well as provide secure and authoritative land records and parcel data for widespread government and public use.

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Land records strategies


Equitable property value

A cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution can deliver transformational technology to assessors. The equitable property value solution is configured to organize property data, accomplish initiatives, and deliver on your organization's stakeholder outreach goals, all in a single experience.

Inform taxpayers

Inform taxpayers of critical timelines in the assessment process and deliver clear communication on the important work you do in your community.

Deliver focused information products

Allow the public to access property data at any time and on any device with modern, easy-to-use maps and apps designed for real estate professionals and the public.

Enable collaboration

Invite trusted members of government organizations to share and collaborate with your office's authoritative data.

Simplify appeals

Deliver accurate, current information in easy-to-use apps and maps to reduce counter traffic, phone calls, inquiries, and appeals.

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