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Geospatial Infrastructure

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Geospatial technology allows us to perceive what would otherwise remain invisible, unappreciated, or poorly understood. Through a common language of maps, GIS provides an incredibly powerful framework to communicate, analyze, share, and collaborate.

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  • India WRIS: Delivering Nationwide Water Information through a Single Window

    India WRIS: Delivering Nationwide Water Information through a Single Window

    The management of water resources is a highly complex and tedious task that involves the expertise of multidisciplinary domains and depends on reliable data and information which is accessible to all the stakeholders.

  • GIS – Key to 5G rollout

    Contextualizing Location Intelligence for Smarter Infrastructure

    Driven by Capital, Creativity, and Customer (3Cs), Indian Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry has a defining role to play in steering India’s ‘$5 trillion economy’ vision.

  • Making the best of our water through

    In conversation with Mr. Ram Mohan Mishra, Rourkela Smart City Limited

    As Rourkela Smart City Limited (RSCL) plans to transform Rourkela into a smart city in phases using smart technologies such as surveillance systems, traffic analytics, e-Governance, and solid waste management, GIS becomes a key enabler.

  • Effective pipeline asset management with GIS

    Skill Development for Strengthening the Geospatial Infrastructure

    Geospatial Education and Skill Development is the most important component to consider before we move forward in the direction of strengthening the Geospatial Infrastructure of India. Without a skilled workforce, it will be difficult to meet the growing demand for geospatial to leverage geospatial data and technology and build and maintain large geospatial infrastructures.

  • The next-generation solution for utilities

    Application of GIS Tools for Groundwater Management under Atal Bhujal Yojana

    Water is a fundamental resource for life. Groundwater has become an increasingly important natural resource catering to the freshwater requirements of various sectors in India. Sustainable development and efficient management of this scarce resource has become a challenge. Groundwater has steadily emerged as the backbone of India’s agriculture and drinking water security


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