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25th Anniversary Edition, December 2021

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Geography often referred to as “the world discipline” has been the strongest “bridge” between the economies, natural resources, people, communities, environment and their interactions in space and time. Geographical thinking is deep-rooted in humans and subconsciously we harness it to think and do things. “We’re often unaware of how much spatial thinking we do because it is so ingrained in us. We move through the world so easily that it seems we do it without attention or effort, almost unconsciously.” says Jack Dangermond, Founder and President of Esri.

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  • Case Study - Geospatial Management Information System (GMIS)

    Geospatial Management Information System (GMIS)

    GGMIS (Geospatial Management Information System) was made open to the 100 smart cities of India in December 2020 by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) as a Management Information System for all existing/ new Smart City Projects.

  • Customer Speak - Our Customers, Our Inspiration

    Our Customers, Our Inspiration

    When it comes to anything geospatial, we at Esri India always believe in providing top-quality solutions to our customers — government organizations, businesses, academia, and non-profits. Nearly 70% of our customers are government organizations.

  • Education Article - Building skilled GIS workforce with Symbiosis

    Building skilled GIS workforce with Symbiosis

    Esri India is working with Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics, Pune (SIG) to support the academic community with learning and entrepreneurship in location analytics. The user-friendly products offered by Esri India enable the students to understand the workflow of geospatial data and improve their capabilities to explore it more.

  • Journey Map - 25 Years of Innovation and Growth

    Journey Map - 25 Years of Innovation and Growth

    When a business is born, it is often riddled with various challenges and pains in the early years. For us, it was more of channeled towards creating awareness about the crucial role GIS can play in the life of enterprises. Therefore, since inception, it is our mission to “enable our valued customers solve social and business challenges using GIS."

  • Partner Showcase - REDLEAF Collaborates with Esri India to Digitally Transform Goa Tourism

    REDLEAF Collaborates with Esri India to Digitally Transform Goa Tourism

    Redleaf Technologies is one of the premier organizations, which has been working with Esri India in providing GISbased solutions in multiple Government & Industry-led projects.


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