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Geospatial Value Impact Edition, September 2022

Cover Story

Barring a few setbacks, world economies in the last three decades have leveraged their resources very efficiently to achieve an impressive growth rate and improved the prosperity of their people. The Indian economy too had a great run with enviable GDP growth. Taking huge strides across the economic sectors, India rapidly rose through the ranks. Having emerged as the world’s ‘fastest growing, free world democracy’, India is expected to be one of the top three world economic powers in the next decade.

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  • Case Study - Optimal Power Line Route Generation with GIS

    Optimal Power Line Route Generation with GIS

    India is witnessing a drastic change in the pattern of electricity transmission, mainly due to the shift towards renewables. With these changes in place, the transmission projects are facing the pressure of quicker completions with no compromises on quality. Using GIS, the power utility sector is able to achieve the desired outcomes, while gaining higher ROI in the projects.

  • Customer Speak - Our Customers, Our Inspiration

    Economic Growth with Geospatial: A Focus on Financial Inclusion

    It is globally acknowledged now that ‘Financial Inclusion’ plays a catalytic role in equitable macroeconomic growth and promoting income equality. Increasingly it is becoming a vital component of modern economies for achieving inclusive and sustainable development.

  • Education Article - Building skilled GIS workforce with Symbiosis

    GIS Fostering Sustainability

    GIS has an important role to play in creating a more sustainable world. Using GIS, we can find out how the natural conditions are changing; how much change is happening in built areas, water bodies, forest areas, etc. Let us know how GIS enables us in understanding the changes taking place in the landscape and how to manage the environment.

  • Journey Map - 25 Years of Innovation and Growth

    Economic Impact of Geospatial : How Our Partners View It

    Geospatial technologies are critical for economic growth. Advanced geospatial technologies are constantly empowering governments and private organizations to build a geospatial infrastructure that helps them plan policies and programs, automate operations, improve collaboration with stakeholders, monitor progress, and analyze impact.

  • Partner Showcase - REDLEAF Collaborates with Esri India to Digitally Transform Goa Tourism

    Spatial Analysis for Gas Facilities

    Several key factors like increased gas usage, advanced technologies, pipeline incidents, and new regulatory requirements are triggering gas pipeline companies to transform their traditional gas leak operations to cutting-edge predictive asset management and risk analysis.


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