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Electric and telecom networks have today become the backbone of economic activities, while water, oil and gas continue to be the mainstay for fulfilling basic industrial and human needs. Contributing 2.7% directly to India’s GDP (2021-22), electricity, telecom, water, and gas utility services make a significant impact indirectly on the economic, social, and environmental fronts.

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  • Optimizing asset inspection and maintenance using GIS

    Optimizing asset inspection and maintenance using GIS

    Utility infrastructure networks are massive and complex. Consequently, the process of building, inspecting, and maintaining utility networks is full of challenges. GIS can help utility companies to overcome these challenges and achieve excellence in everyday utility operations, right from asset management to outage management.

  • GIS – Key to 5G rollout

    GIS – Key to 5G rollout

    5G in India is coming with the promise of not only multi-Gbps speeds, low latency and higher reliability but also a whopping contribution of $450 billion to the economy in the next 15 years. The cumulative economic impact of 5G is estimated to be $1 trillion by 2035 itself.

  • Making the best of our water through

    In conversation with Prof. Prateek Sharma

    Almost everything that we deal with in our day to day life has spatial coordinates. Geographic thinking can surely help everyone to make better decisions in their daily lives. Be it hailing a cab for your regular commute or ordering food, location intelligence helps in achieving better outcomes.

  • Making the best of our water through

    Making the best of our water through geo-enabled automation

    Much has been talked about the precarious water situation we are likely to face in the next few years and the urgent need for integrated water resource management that addresses the entire water value chain from “source to tap” holistically.

  • Effective pipeline asset management with GIS

    Effective pipeline asset management with GIS

    Networks of large transmission pipelines form energy highways. These pipelines carry both natural gas and oil over large distances — from remote locations to cities where the products are actually needed. A robust pipeline network is therefore critical for transferring the finished petroleum products to end-users or dependent industries. At the same time, safety is also a very important concern.

  • The next-generation solution for utilities

    The next-generation solution for utilities

    Esri Utility Network is fast evolving into a technology platform that would replace the existing Esri GIS for Utilities and transform them into a future-ready model. This will transform ArcGIS desktop to ArcGIS Pro, make Server Applications more aligned towards Portal for ArcGIS, mobile Apps more important, and the ability to use GIS from anywhere at any time, and on any device.


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