Esri India Location Analytics Forum

With technological revolution and increasing competition, tech-savvy financial institutions are leaving no stone unturned to woo their potential customers. Banks and Insurance companies are gradually turning towards new trends using Location Based Analytical Solutions.

Location as a parameter in the overall information and data management can help the organizations' gain the edge in today’s highly competitive environment.

From risk management to branch optimization and customer loyalty to product segmentation, location analysis is helping shift the advantage of big data in favour of financial services companies.


Location Strategy helps financial institutions visualise and analyse critical market characteristics such as concentrations of demographic/lifestyle profiles, product demand and growth characteristics of consumers.

Having a location strategy can help you differentiate and serve your customers better by

  1. Customer Profiling  &  Risk Management
  2. Customer Catchment Area & Activity Planning in Rural
  3. Geofencing & Territory Management
  4. Market and Competitor Analysis
  5. Claim Management
  6. Tracking KPIs at granular level such as Branch or ATM


Who should attend

Analytics & BI Head
Technology Innovation Head
Strategy & Planning Head
New Initiatives Head
ATM Business Head
Rural Banking & Marketing Head
Retail Banking & Sales Head
Financial Controller
Risk, Credit & Collections Head
Claims & Underwriting Head