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GIS for Retail | Drive Business Growth and Efficiency Using Smart Mapping

Retail business processes, including market analysis, site selection, merchandising, distribution, delivery and facilities management, involve geographic relationships. GIS enables retailers to understand and visualize these geographic relationships and improve productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in these processes.

Predictive investigators such as market and customer analytics are also enhanced by GIS. Many different forms of real-world and modeled data can be used with it to understand the demographic, competitive, and psychographic interaction of consumers, suppliers, and the geographic space in which the data is distributed.

The beauty and power of GIS is that it allows companies to consider many possibilities, understand potential, review the impact of different investments, store and produce configurations, and analyze changing trends in the retail landscape. No other software technology has such a far-reaching potential.

Success stories

These stories show how business organizations are benefitting using GIS technology and spatial analysis.