The Center of Geospatial Excellence initiative is aimed at encouraging innovation in GIS research and promoting teaching excellence in spatial data management and analysis in higher education across India. With CoGE, Esri India addresses the need to have more trained GIS professionals. An Institute can collaborate with Esri India to establish a CoGE within their campus. With CoGE in place, an institute can easily run Geospatial education courses in a controlled and organized structure.

Key Benefits

Under the CoGE program, the following benefits will accrue to every member academic institution:

  • Assistance in designing new programs as well as revising existing programs in line with advances in geospatial tech
  • Support on curriculum design and development to meet specific industry mandates
  • Support on faculty skill augmentation on a continuous basis
  • Esri India – Academia collaboration on research projects, resulting in exchange of capabilities and experience
  • Availability of best-in-class GIS software platforms and solutions for students, teachers, and executives with the capability to address a variety of scenarios across industries

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