GIS software and technology is a powerful tool for journalists to give greater context and understanding to their stories and can allow media organizations to produce informative, high-quality graphics.

Reporting the News

GIS is becoming an integral way to convey the context and meaning of the news. GIS provides:

  • Unbiased reporting – Display patterns and trends with clear infographics.
  • Use geospatial analysis to investigate stories. Quickly explore demographic data to provide human context to other data.
  • Localized news – Make the news personal by reporting on information from a neighborhood level.

Media as a Business

Identifying new markets, increasing advertising revenue, and keeping distribution costs to a minimum are keys to success for any publisher. GIS gives you a better way to manage your business and helps you:

  • Understand customers and their buying habits and find new ones that fit the same profile.
  • Discover marketing expenditures through circulation maps, demographic distribution, and other geographic data.
  • Present the most in-depth information to attract and retain advertisers.
  • Create a comprehensive, efficient distribution plan for newspapers and magazines.

Success stories

These stories show how business organizations are gaining benefits using GIS technology and spatial analysis.