Working with Lidar Data in ArcGIS


1 Day (8 Hours)

About this Course

Master the basics.

This course introduces light detection and ranging (lidar) data concepts, collection methods, quality-control considerations, and common applications. Techniques to manage, edit, visualize, and share lidar-derived 2D and 3D information products using ArcGIS Pro are covered.


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  • Validate the quality and accuracy of lidar data.
  • Edit lidar data to correct errors.
  • Organize, process, visualize, and share lidar data using ArcGIS LAS datasets, mosaic datasets, and point cloud scene layers.
  • Derive useful information products from lidar data, including raster surfaces, building footprints, and vegetation estimates.

Suggested Skills

Completion of ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows or Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro or equivalent knowledge.


Esri India will provide the following software to use during class:

  • ArcGIS Pro 3.1 (Standard or Advanced)
  • ArcGIS 3D Analyst
  • ArcGIS Online