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Organizations are working with more data than ever before. From imagery to 3D, real-time, and big data, the volume and types of data are constantly increasing. We understand that data comes from all types of sources. Whether it's customer data, environmental data, or even sensor data, you can organize and manage it from anywhere with ArcGIS, empowering your team to make decisions and enhancing productivity across your organization. Make ArcGIS the center of your spatial data storage and GIS data management workflows to better collect, store, maintain, prepare, and share your data.

Get the right data

To get the right data to kick-start your workflow, you may need to collect new data, connect to your existing data, or leverage Esri's ready-to-use data. With ArcGIS, you have the tools to get the data you need. ArcGIS supports a myriad of data formats and offers a suite of data collection apps and industry-specific solutions that let you capture data from the field. You can also connect to your existing data or take advantage of ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, a collection of authoritative, ready-to-use, global geographic information from Esri.

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Store data your way

No matter where you want to store your data, Esri meets your needs. You can connect to existing databases and bring live data in for all your mapping and analysis needs. Don't have an existing database? No problem. With ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online, you get inherent data storage, so you are completely covered now and as your data grows.

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Work smarter with accurate data

You need to have up-to-date, accurate data 24/7 for all your decision-making, and Esri's got you covered. Our tools help you automate data processes and clean your data through comprehensive checks that ensure you always have quality, accurate data. Esri also lets you set up user- or system-defined rules to preserve the attribute and spatial integrity of your data, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date data. Edit on desktop, web, or mobile apps—the choice is yours.

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Accurate data at your fingertips

Analysis-ready data is essential for visualization and modeling. Esri has tools to prepare data for mapping and analysis that range from simple to complex, which can help you answer your organization's most important questions. Our GIS data management capabilities empower you to visualize, enrich, and model your data. Or jump-start your work by leveraging Living Atlas, Esri's curated, authoritative data. Being part of the ArcGIS system also gives you access to Esri's powerful data modeling and spatial analytics solutions to better understand your data.

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Empower others with data

Sharing your data story is key to informing your audience and inspiring people to take action. Share your data information products to bring awareness to key issues, and collaborate with others to solve problems. ArcGIS technology gives you the power to share your data the way you want and with whom you want—from specific groups to the general public. From ArcGIS Dashboards to ArcGIS Hub, Esri's sharing technology gives you the power to get your data story in the hands of those who need it to better collaborate and solve problems.

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