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Understand Your Community

People working on a nonprofit project with construction tools and a blue and green map

Apply a geographic lens to nonprofit data analysis

Passionate agents of change are quick to support your nonprofit organization’s mission. To identify and connect with others, use spatial data to gain a deeper understanding of the community and reach new supporters. Engage with communities by using dynamic maps that show needs and progress through compelling location-based data analytics. Use GIS to discover and leverage authoritative data, collect and analyze data, and support your program strategy.

Make informed decisions with location-based insights

Use data and maps to drive advocacy

Data-rich maps help policymakers, decision-makers, and other stakeholders understand complex information that often gets lost in lengthy annual reports. ArcGIS serves as an analytics tool for big datasets, showing stakeholders what needs to be done where so they can make informed decisions and take necessary actions.

Map and data for Los Angeles

Explore your community with maps and data

Understand a community’s lifestyles and demographics with ready-to-use content that can validate your program strategy. Location technology helps leaders gain insight on where goods or services are needed most, identify untapped resources, and prepare for the future. GIS shows a baseline of a community as it is today and provides predictive analytics about its future.

Digital divide map

Determine effectiveness and next steps

Measure ongoing program performance to ensure that current community needs are met equitably. Proactively identify emerging needs with spatial analysis of community conditions. Inform decision-makers, donors, and volunteers about the positive impacts of programs with maps and location-based dashboards.

Three people looking at a laptop computer

Capture attention with dynamic maps

Use ArcGIS to analyze data and deliver maps, dashboards, apps, and other content related to your nonprofit’s program initiatives and success. In one place, you can inform volunteers and community champions about your areas of focus in real time, validate progress, and provide stakeholders access to review essential data and make informed decisions.

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Enhance awareness and respond in real time

Ready-to-use GIS applications and content from authoritative data sources improve situational awareness and empower nonprofit teams to understand and address issues in real time. Use these apps to set baselines; monitor progress in at-risk areas; and provide transparent performance assessments to the community, volunteers, and stakeholders.

Austin Independent School District Inventory


San Jose connects mothers to milk banks

Mothers’ Milk Bank uses GIS to identify the communities most likely to donate milk and determine where to target its marketing campaign.

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Esri Nonprofit Organization Program

The Esri Nonprofit Organization Program provides nonprofit organizations with low-cost access to GIS software, training, content, and other resources. Join a vibrant community of nonprofits around the globe working to create a better world.

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