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Esri India is engaging with academic institutions to help them with the current technology tools and training to further augment their efforts in building right skilled capacity for Geospatial industry.

EIGAP is focused on helping institutions setup a GIS Lab in one or more departments to impart key GIS skills to students with the objective of expanding the talent pool of geospatial professionals. The end goal is to enable these institutions to create the right talent for a rapidly growing geospatial industry.

Key Benefits

Under the EIGAP program, the following benefits will accrue to every member department in the institution:

  • Esri software at affordable price points to setup a GIS Lab for the department
  • Workshops and seminars by Esri India for students on advances in GIS technology
  • Faculty development program to equip faculty with up-to-date knowledge of Esri software
  • Relevant curriculum recommendations from Esri India on GIS and related technologies

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