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As part of Esri’s technology and business strategy, we release and support open-source software. We have shared 350+ open-source projects on the developer collaboration platform GitHub. We also provide many focused open-source solutions for customizing and extending ArcGIS.

“We realize that good ideas come from many places, and we are excited to see how ArcGIS users can customize and share their projects with open-source software.”

Jack Dangermond, Esri President

Built Leveraging Open Source

The ArcGIS platform implements and leverages open-source technologies, such as GDAL. We support Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Geodatabases and the PostgreSQL database. ArcGIS for Server can share GIS services using open-source web servers, such as Apache Tomcat and Oracle GlassFish.

Contributing to Open Source

Esri actively contributes to many external open-source projects managed by other organizations to help provide a strong geospatial environment for everyone. Esri has provided fixes and updates for open-source libraries such as GDAL and Wine.

52° North Open Source Projects

52° North Open-Source Projects

Esri is a founder and supporter of 52°North, an international network of partners from research, industry, and public administration who work together to foster innovation in the geospatial industry. All 52°North partners have a long and outstanding record in the Geo-IT domain and actively contribute to the development of international standards.

Open-Source Maps and Apps

Esri delivers 300+ map and app templates to jumpstart your projects. These templates are organized by product and industry so you can quickly find, configure, and use solutions to meet the needs of your organization following best practices and emerging trends.

52° North Open Source Projects
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