GIS continues to evolve and is increasingly playing a strategic role in India’s digital transformation vision. It’s being used to engage with our communities to positively affect change. With continuous advancements in technology, a new generation of GIS, based on sharing and collaboration is developing. We are moving towards achieving interconnection of workflows, leveraging technology to interconnect knowledge and engage everyone.

As a technology, GIS is advancing while integrating and leveraging technologies such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), IoT and cloud computing. Its empowering users, start-ups and developers to innovate next generation apps and solutions, which solve the complex challenges India is facing today.

Your Work as GIS professionals is inspiring the world and making the difference. GIS day is a day to celebrate all the impactful work you are doing.

Announcing the Esri India’s GIS Day 2018 - Celebrate and Win Contest

GIS day will be celebrated on November, 14th 2018. For all of you involved in GIS, this day is a chance to showcase what you do as GIS professionals. It is a day to tell your stories to others. It's an opportunity to demonstrate the value of your work, and the meaning of maps and their power. It is also a day to participate in the Esri India’s GIS Day – Celebrate & Win Contest and get recognized.

Plan a GIS event

There are many ways you can plan an event:

  • Host a seminar/conference/open house on GIS
  • Host interactive workshops/demonstrations
  • Host some exciting activities like GIS Quiz, Story map contest, Poster contest
  • Plan GIS workshops at schools in your vicinity

Your event can be open just to your own organization, to the general public, or to a specific audience.