GeoInnovation Challenge

The Top Three Geo – Innovators

Attentive AI, a Geospatial Analytics Company focused on deriving actionable insights on satellite imagery using state of the art ML algorithms.


Gray Routes Technology Pvt. Ltd, a leading provider of location analytics and field automation software. They provide geospatial data and affordable tools for territory and inventory planning, FOS and SFA implementation, serving businesses across sectors by organizing consumer demand, streamlining order aggregation and providing marketing analytics. We empower enterprise brands to grow up to 3 times faster by bringing powerful GIS-enabled locality insights to their on-field users.


Saartha Labs Private Limited, an innovative and progressive company providing business solutions and services. Offices are located in India and Australia, serves customers in Germany and Abu Dhabi. Saartha is poised for growth with Portfolio of products – Asset Planning, Data on Maps, Evolve. An impeccable record of delivering solutions in niche technology areas - GIS Integration, SAP BRF+, HANA, SAP Fiori/UI5 across diverse industry verticals.


2017 Jury


Dr. Debapriya Dutta

Adviser/Scientist 'G', NRDMS-NSDI division, DST

Jay Krishnan

Jay Krishnan

CEO, T-Hub


Girish Shivani

Executive Director and Fund Manager


Digvijay Singh

COO, Indian Angel Networks


Ajay Ramasubramaniam

Director, Zone Startups


Rajesh C. Mathur

Advisor, Esri India


Dean Angelides

Corporate Director - International Operations, Esri Inc.

Feedback from the Participants

Most corporates today have innovation programs that aim to build collaboration with startups. While building RED - our Augmented/Virtual Reality authoring software - we've had a chance to work with many such programs over the past year. However, Esri's GeoInnovation initiative has been the most fruitful for us - clearly defined objectives and strong outcomes. We got an opportunity to present our product to a wide range of Esri customers besides a potential partnership discussion with Esri itself. The program also put us on stage in front of the leading VCs of the country with whom we now have strong conversations.

We look forward to working with Esri and encourage any startup in the GIS space to take part in the GeoInnovation program.

Hasan Ali Khan,

We would like to thank Esri for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the GeoInnovation program. The program provided us with an excellent opportunity to not only strike some partnerships but also interact with some industry veterans. It was extremely well organised with everything happening on time in a orderly manner. Thank you again for providing our budding startup with the platform to showcase our solutions.

Apaar Singhal,
IoT Research Labs

Esri India UC stands to be a great platform for start-ups like us. It offers access to more than 1000 customers in one room. We are greatful and thankful to Esri India for inviting us at this event.

Soubhagya Sahoo,
Gray Routes Technology Pvt Ltd