GeoInnovation Challenge

GeoInnovation – An Acceleration Platform for GIS Startupreneurs

Start-up ecosystem has been growing at a rapid pace and India is globally ranked as the 3rd largest country producing 5000+ technology enabled Startups or Entrepreneurs. Most of these tech-enabled Startups are using latest technologies such as Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Big Data, Block Chain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Drones etc. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and location-based service has become an integral part complimenting all these technologies.

The Indian geospatial industry is on the threshold of a major transformation. It is presently witnessing tremendous opportunity within the country, as the government has initiated reform projects in several infrastructure segments like rural development, urban, power, land, natural resources etc., and mandated the use of geospatial technologies in these projects. The potential GIS spend in these projects is about 8% of the total project budget. The growing relevance and maturity of the geospatial market has scaled up applications, amplifying its impact on the global GDP at the tune of CAGR 13.8% by FY 2020-21 as per Geospatial media report.

GeoInnovation program is a platform to showcase the role of Startups in enabling the wider adoption and commercialization of geospatial solutions to solve major problems for Government organizations and commercial enterprises.

GeoInnovation – An Acceleration Platform for GIS Startupreneurs is an initiative by Esri India to encourage startups to dissolve the boundaries between geographic sciences and business and create innovative businesses addressing real world problems.