Why GIS Academia Council of India

Esri India is committed to help universities/colleges adopt and teach GIS technology. Over 500 universities/colleges in India including IITs, NITs, IIMs, Central Universities, and Agriculture Universities have leveraged Esri’s GIS technology to skill their students. Esri India has been supporting the academia in teaching & research with best practices & resources to equip the next generation with GIS skills required for the modern workplace. Esri has a global focus on education and as part of the council you will be able to interact with global academicians attached to Esri. You also get to play an active role in Esri India’s mApp Your Way App Development Challenge.

For more information, contact gaci@esriindia.com



"Key to success of Geospatial industry is to promote sustained interaction between the academia and the industry so as to develop and popularize geospatial solutions to real-life problems."

Prof. A.K. Gosain, IIT Delhi

I. V. Murali Krishna DRDO

"Over the years GIS education and content in Indian academic institutions has maintained status-quo. This is because of lack of adequate number of trained and knowledgeable teachers and state of art technology infrastructure in the country. We need to build in the country a good and adequate national teams of teachers, trainers, developers and researchers particularly with main stream computing, navigation and sustainable development and applied geography background. I firmly believe that the GIS academic council of India would act as a major force in the development of quality education in the country and a forerunner for capacity building in the field of geospatial technology."

I. V. Murali Krishna, DRDO Distinguished Fellow, RCI, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India

Dr. T.P.Singh

"Capacity Building is a core of Geospatial Technology Development. I trust that GIS Academia council will able to provide innovative and scalable model to include the Geospatial technology at the school level in the education system and percolate down into the bottom level of the governance."

Dr. T.P. Singh, Director, Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics