e-Governance has emerged as one of the driving forces for the Government by enabling the administration to re-design and improve its existing processes, connect with citizens and facilitate interactions with and within the society. The combination of readily available Internet access and spatial information through GIS enables the government authorities to provide a new level of service to both businesses and the public. GIS-enabled Web sites can provide services for the following: 

  • Government-to-business applications for economic development, land development, licensing, or permitting. 
  • Government-to-citizen applications for online information on government services and to streamline interaction for accounting and feedback. 
  • Government-to-government applications to improve the amount, quality, and speed of information exchange within and among various levels of government. 
  • Better communication to enable governments and citizens for using resources more wisely. In addition, it also allows agencies to collaborate on large-scale planning problems and respond to emergencies.

Success stories

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