GIS allows educators to engage their students effectively, and to help them develop the critical thinking and spatial analysis skills needed in today's globalized workforce. Many educational professionals believe that GIS acts as a catalyst for creative thought and problem-solving skills and facilitates spatial reasoning that supports higher levels of learning among students.

There has been a tremendous growth of GIS programs in the educational sector over the past 25 years. Demand by the workforce for GIS education and training and the spread of GIS as a tool across disciplines are two of the factors driving this growth. It is also widely used for academic research in colleges and universities.

Esri India assists institutions at all levels by way of learning resources, events and training programs, so they can embark on GIS education, training and research in a timely manner. The learning programs bring together real-world industry experience in GIS software, hands-on exercises, and best practices.


Programs from Esri India are designed to support educators, researchers, and administrators at schools, colleges, and universities in developing a successful and sustainable GIS program.


Esri India GIS Academy Program (EIGAP)

The program is focused on helping institutions setup a GIS Lab in one or more departments to impart key GIS skills to students. The end goal is to enable these institutions to create the right talent for a rapidly growing geospatial industry.



Esri India Center of Competence (CoC)

The program aims to build the comprehensive GIS capability (Including GIS Infrastructure, Capacity building and Industry interactions) required to run GIS programs at the institutional level.



GIS Academia Council of India (GACI)

The council is a platform for GIS knowledge sharing aimed at encouraging GIS adoption and promoting teaching excellence in spatial data management and analysis in higher education.



GIS For Schools

Esri India is collaborating with K12 to address aspects of Geospatial education including training, workshops, current GIS software, hands-on exercises and best practices.