Expert Knowledge. One Conference.

The Esri India User Conference is your event to meet Esri’s thought leaders, software developers, technical and training staff, and customer service support teams. Learn tips and tricks from other Esri users in more industries than you can imagine. View maps. Listen to provoking keynotes, presentations, user experiences and case studies from leading industry and GIS experts. Experience latest in Esri technology via hands-on demonstrations, in-depth and interactive technical sessions. Visit solution providers, network with your peers and meet new friends
There is something for everyone.
Why Attend

Boost your skills by attending a technical workshops, paper sessions or scheduled demo presentations. This is your opportunity to learn the next big thing in GIS. Don’t miss it!


Unlock location in your data so you can understand where everything is, what’s near, and how it is all connected.


Find context in content when you use geography to accumulate and aggregate massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.


Make the complex easy to understand in a much more realistic manner when you apply 3D visualization to your design solutions.


Detect and quantify, find hot spots and outliers, make predictions and measure and distribute. Do more than just place dots on maps.


1000+ GIS professionals from the multiple industries will be here. Meet them and expand your network.


Moderated sessions. Technology Exposition. Developers Summit. Demos, talks, labs and much more. You can't help but learn something new.


Get your questions answered by Esri India staff, fellow users and trusted solution providers. Experience new products and gain invaluable ideas to energize your GIS operations.


Find others in your industry or in your geographic area who work with the same apps and make similar maps. Make a connection.

Key Speakers

Jack Dangermond

Founder and President

Esri Inc.

Dr. Swarna Subba Rao

Dr. Swarna Subba Rao

Surveyor General of India

Survey of India


Mr. Chandramouli Shukla


SPV Bhopal Smart City


Michael F. Goodchild

Emeritus Professor of Geography

University of California

Dr Paolo Pasquali

Dr. Paolo Pasquali

Technical Director

Sarmap SA


Mansour Raad

Big Data Advocate, Senior Software Architect, Esri Inc.



Milind Deshpande

Sr. Vice President

Reliance Jio Infocomm

Vishnu Chandra

Vishnu Chandra

DDG - Utility Mapping Division

National Informatics Centre


Cherie Muleh

Harris Corporation


Prof. A. K. Gosain

Prof. A.K. Gosain

Department of Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


Theme : GIS Enabling Transformation

Our world is undergoing a massive digital transformation. Citizens, societies, government and businesses are increasingly adopting smarter ways to leverage this digital transformation. The technology industry has been leading the vision of creating a (smarter) digital world with technologies & systems that help us become more efficient & effective.

Because of the essential nature of location, and the spatial dimension, GIS remains at the ‘heart’ of such smart initiatives, leading the transformation journey. GIS itself is getting smarter integrating everything, connecting people, processes, things and all the data about them. It is evolving to integrate technologies such as IoT and big data analytics and concepts into a powerful platform. GIS will not only help us transform but also provide a framework for efficiencies & better decision making.

Recognizing this, the theme of the conference is ‘GIS: Enabling Transformation’.