Esri International User Conference 2014

Esri International user conference kicked off with so much energy—new technology, inspirational user stories, big-name speakers, and clear direction for the future. Esri UC is where you find solutions to local, global, and industry problems. A place to learn latest in spatial analysis, web and mobile apps, location analytics, big data, open data, and the ArcGIS platform.

Addressing the 2014 Esri User Conference Plenary Session, Jack Dangermond said “We try to predict the future every day. You think about what the weather might be like. You think about what might happen with your favorite sports team. You think about what the future might hold for you. Beyond prediction, some of us are actually engaged professionally in creating the future. Because as Peter Drucker said, “The best way to predict the future is to create the future.”

Plenary address talked about the changing pattern in the GIS technology moving into the platform regime. GIS itself continues to evolve, and as a result your individual systems are now becoming part of a larger interconnected platform. Your servers are connecting, your desktops are connecting, and your apps are being fed by shared community content. This web GIS is a new pattern that’s coevolving with faster machines, web services, open environments, open policies, and networks.

Web GIS is bringing together all of our data, technologies, and people. It lets you share your own focused work in the form of web maps and web services, throughout your organizations as well as on the web to the world. This creates a framework where we can collaboratively work to address the complex challenges facing our world. Web GIS is also leveraging advancing technologies—the world of measurement, the world of computing, and the world of networks, and layering on top of that infrastructure. This “nervous system of the planet” brings our world’s information to life.

In addition, the app revolution is making this web GIS, and all of its content, available everywhere.  Anyone can now access this new medium of web services and web maps anytime, anywhere, on any device, bringing GIS to life in whole new ways and transforming how GIS professionals work.

Jack also mentioned, the mission of creating a better future depends heavily on GIS professionals. It is you who can envision what’s possible, understand and embrace and fully leverage these new web GIS and geodesign tools, show leadership, and do the difficult work we have ahead of us. 

The user conference plenary introduced new features in the ArcGIS product and bringing them to one single PLATFORM ArcGIS. Introducing ArcGIS Pro the complete new product that gave an insight to learn the power capabilities to expand the ability to author content in 2D and 3D, creating 3D web scenes and web maps and exploring the industries that will be using ArcGIS Pro a premier application for visualizing, editing, and analysis and creating the future of GIS. The technology vision gave a complete sight through the various updates and new capabilities of ArcGIS from expansion of fleet apps, new dimensions in ArcMAP, 3D webscenes, Open Access with ArcGIS Open Data, Geoplanner for ArcGIS, mining for Space time patterns and creating awareness through storymap.

Esri President Jack Dangermond gave special shout outs to all GIS users for impressive and innovative work. Royal Dutch Shell received the Enterprise GIS Award, and the City of Rancho Cucamonga earned the Esri President’s Award.

Esri celebrated more than 170 organizations during the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Awards ceremony at the Esri User Conference (Esri UC) in San Diego, California. The SAG Awards highlight users that have shown vision, leadership, hard work, and innovation in their use of Esri's geographic information system (GIS) technology. Organizations from around the world honored at the Esri UC span industries including environmental management, education, government, health and human services, natural resources, nonprofits, telecommunications, transportation, and utilities. The SAG Awards ceremony was held at the San Diego Convention Center on July 16, 2014.

Successful stories were unfold during the Plenary Session Starbucks Coffee as its very well known showed how they’re using GIS maps to open one new store every day in China. Decisions were made locally to ensure responsible g rowth. Starbucks realized  that one size does not fit all, whether it’s coffee or IT. For them business customers, this means a location strategy that includes everything from web maps to applications, and everything in between. All this have solution in ArcGIS location technology which enabled them to deliver to provide business customers with world-class business intelligence and information products. Whether it’s coffee or IT, the customer is at the center of what they do.

GIS Kids are Super! - Kylie Miller and Rikki Vaughn are fourth graders, but they can drive ArcMap like pros. The two students from Sonora Elementary in Arkansas recently learned how to make GIS maps. They used their newfound skills to pitch a business idea to Walmart, track a weather balloon, and establish a mobile library for their fellow students. Kylie and Rikki were recognized on stage at the Esri UC plenary session, where they spoke about their GIS work and led a demo of their projects.

Awards were given for the innovation – Climate Resilience App Challenge and Story Maps.

A Tribute to Roger Tomlinson -

Plenary finished with a tribute to The Father of GIS. Roger Tomlinson once said he was “never happier than when surrounded by GIS people.” In a room filled with 16,000 GIS people, Tomlinson’s spirit was profoundly felt, and his legacy grows stronger each day.