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Master Mentors Geo-enabling Indian Scholars

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About the Program

Isaac Newton's famous words, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants," underscore the profound impact of mentors. The significance of finding excellent mentors cannot be overstated, especially for students on the cusp of pivotal life decisions. Proper guidance becomes instrumental in shaping their paths and propelling them to greater heights. The Master Mentors Geo-enabling Indian Scholars (MMGEIS) program presents a unique opportunity for students to delve into geospatial technology and be mentored by experts in the field.


A joint initiative of the Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty and Esri India, MMGEIS is a “not-for-profit” endeavour designed to inculcate thinking of Geospatial-innovation amongst Indian scholars who will form the future workforce of India. This program is aimed at students from 8th grade to undergraduate levels and provides them a foundation on which they can develop ideas to discover new technologies and methods in geospatial arena. The program will tap pan-India talent through a competitive process. It will bridge the gap between academia and industry access and collaborate to create a best-in-class ecosystem for geospatial innovation and Intellectual property development which will contribute towards our goal of becoming a developed nation by the year 2047.

Interested in the program?

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